Please contact Laura Thomas, Nursery Manager on 01204 576639 regarding any available staff positions. 

Safe Recruitment Policy


  • we use reputable newspapers and the local job centre to advertise for any vacancies
  • we ensure that all adverts include details of our safe recruitment procedures; including an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check, at least two independent references for each new employee and our equal opportunities policy

Interview stage

  • we shortlist all suitable candidates against a preset specification and ensure all applicants receive correspondence regardless of whether they are successful in reaching the interview stage or not
  • all short listed candidates will receive a job description, a job specification, an equal opportunity and a request for identification prior to the interview
  • the proprietor, manager and/ or the deputy will sit on the interview panel and are all involved in the overall decision making
  • At the start of each interview all candidates’ identity will be checked using, for example, their passport and/or photo card driving license. All candidates will be required to prove they are eligible to work in the UK
  • All candidates reaching the interview stage are questioned using the same set criteria and questions. These are formulated around specific areas of childcare, including safeguarding the children in their care, planning suitable activities to enhance the child’s development and their understanding of the legal frameworks applied to childcare and used in the nursery
  • candidates will be given a score for their answers including a score for their individualexperience and qualifications
  • the proprietor, manager and deputy will then decide the most suitable person for this position based on these scores and their knowledge and understanding of the early years framework as well as the needs of the nursery
  • each candidate will receive communication from the nursery stating whether they have been successful or not

Starting work

  • The successful candidate will be offered the position subject to at least two references from previous employment or in the case of a newly qualified student, their tutor anda personal or professional reference (e.g. their GP). These references will be taken up BEFORE employment commences. This will be verbal initially and then followed up with a written reference which will form part of their personnel file
  • All new starters will be subject to an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check whether they currently hold an enhanced CRB check or not. This will be initiated before the member of staff commences work in the nursery and they will not have unsupervised access to any child or their records before this check comes back clear. Further to this, the taking of photographs of any child, looking at their learning and development log or changing the nappy of any child will not be undertaken by any new member of staff without an up to date enhanced CRB (whether supervised or not)
  • the CRB procedure will change in July 2010 when this policy will be updated inline with guidance from the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
  • All new starters will have to complete a health questionnaire when they commence employment with us. This will be used to highlight any areas of concern that may affect their performance in their role
  • all qualifications will be checked and copies taken for their personnel files
  • all new members of staff will undergo an intensive induction period during which time they will read and discuss the nursery policies and procedures and receive a mentor who will introduce them to the way in which the nursery operates
  • during their induction period all new staff will receive training on how to safeguard children in their care
  • the new member of staff will receive regular meetings with the manager and their mentor during their induction period to discuss their progress

Ongoing support and checks

  • Every member of staff will be subject to an enhanced CRB check every three years. All staff are responsible for notifying the manager in person should any circumstances arise that may affect their suitability to work with children. This will include any health concerns or incidents occurring outside the nursery. Staff will face disciplinary action should they fail to notify the manager in a reasonable time scale
  • From July 2010 all staff will become ISA registered on a rolling programme (when their CRB checks need renewing). Enhanced CRB checks will still occur every three years on all staff.
  • all members of staff will update their health checks on an annual basis to ensure management have a good knowledge of any changes in their suitability to care for children
  • Each member of staff will receive two meetings a year with the manager, a formal appraisal and a more informal review. This will provide an opportunity for the manager and member of staff to discuss training needs for the following six months as well as discuss their performance in the previous six months
  • The manager, deputy and room leaders will be responsible for any support the staff team may have between these reviews. This includes mentor support, one to one training sessions and ongoing supervision