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Parent Contract and terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Gigglers Day Nursery as your child care provider. Please carefully read this document that acts as a contract between the settings and informs you of the terms and conditions. We require you to complete the form and return to us before your child starts at Gigglers.

Please make cheques payable to: Gigglers Day Nursery.

This contract is between Gigglers Day Nursery LTD,

7 Fletcher Street, Little Lever, Bolton. BL3 1HW


The Parent or legal carers of the child(ren)

Terms and Conditions of Funding

If your child is entitled to receive 15 hours of funding for 38 weeks of the year, you may take these hours over the course of the year or term time only.  If you take the funding throughout the year, you will receive less than 15 hours per week but we calculate your yearly entitlement and divide it equally over the course of the year. 

Terms and Conditions of Fees:

A deposit of £50.00 is required to hold your place.  We will accept a cheque for your deposit but please note that your place will not be reserved until the cheque has cleared.

As it is a standing order you will be responsible for arranging payments and ensuring that any change to costs is amended accordingly.  Fees are payable by the 7th day of the month to which they relate by standing order or childcare vouchers.  We do not accept cash or cheques for fees.

Your monthly figure is your weekly cost X 51 weeks per year as we close for 1 week at Christmas.  (We do not charge for this period.)   The nursery is closed on Bank holidays, we charge for these days. 

Failure to pay fees may result in loss of a childcare place at Gigglers Day Nursery. 

Charges for late collections of your child are £10.00 per 15 minutes that you are late collecting your child

If you wish to amend or terminate your contract you must inform us in writing one month prior to the changes or termination.

Gigglers term times date are planned before the start of the year.  We try and include our term dates with the local schools to assist the majority of parents.  Term time sessions cannot be swapped and re arranged for different dates. 

Your payments is made by standing order therefore you will be responsible for arranging payments and ensuring that any change to costs is amended accordingly. 

Fees are non-refundable if the nursery has to close due to reasons beyond their control such as a power cut.

Failure to pay fees may result in loss of a childcare place at Gigglers Day Nursery

A yearly review of your fees will take place in January each year.  Any increase in fees will be given with notice.

If you are in receipt of any childcare benefits such as Child Tax Credits, Gigglers Day Nursery will notify them of any unpaid nursery fees to avoid the nursery being involved in any fraudulent enquiries.

Terms and Conditions of Care

If your child is on medication, it is the parent or carer’s responsibility to provide the medication and inform us of the details of administering it to your child.   If you wish for the nursery to administer medication you must sign the appropriate documentation (please see our policy on Medication). 

If your child has medication that can potentially save their lives such as an asthma inhalers or epi pen, you must bring them each time your child attends nursery.  Failure to bring them may result in Gigglers Day Nursery refusing admission until the medication is on site.  If this occurs you will be charged as normal.

Gigglers Day Nursery have a strict policy that if children are collected by someone other than their parent, then child will only be released in to the care of an adult over the age of 17 years old.  Parents must inform the staff of any alternative collection arrangements and provide the passwords. 

Parents and Carers must not be verbally or physically abusive to staff.  Gigglers Day Nursery reserve the right to withdraw childcare and terminate the contract with or without notice if a parent is aggressive and disrespectful to the staff.  Please refer to our comments and complaints policy. 

Gigglers Nursery cannot take responsibility for personal items such as clothing, toys and jewellery.  We advise that you do not send your child to nursery wearing jewellery, designer brands, and all toys are to remain at home.